Here are some answers to some questions you may have...

So how exactly does this work?

We start by getting some basic info. Then, one of our super friendly and creative team members will contact you to learn more about your business and brainstorm some fun ideas for your campaign.

What additional information will you need?

Our goal is to create the best possible campaign and experience for your business and your customers. So, we may ask you questions like what are some of your goals (hopes and dreams) for your campaign, or what amazing thing(s) about your business do wish everyone could know? We may also ask you peculiar questions like, if your brand were a color, what color would it be, or if you could have people associate your business with only one word, what would it be? Don???t worry, there???s a reason for every question and you???ll understand when you see your campaign.

So how much does it cost?

On our call we???ll go over all of the different features we have to offer and how much you want to spend. Then, we???ll come up with a custom plan that works with your needs and your budget. Also, we???ll create a campaign mock-up for FREE, so you can see how it would look before making any decisions.

Will I need to sign a contract?

No contract required. However, we do offer some amazing deals if you pay for multiple months up front.

What type of business do I have to be to launch a campaign?

We will create campaigns for most any type of business (some restrictions apply). In fact, you don???t have to be a ???formal??? business. You could also be a club, a school, a fraternity or a sorority, or maybe organizers of an event looking for a fun way to activate event attendees.

What type of campaign should I run?

We???ll work with you to create a campaign that your customers will LOVE! However, here are just a few basic concepts???

  • If you are a caf?? or restaurant, you could ask your customers to post and share a photo of their favorite drink or dish. After they post we could automatically deliver them a discount coupon for their next visit or enter them for a chance to win a gift card.
  • If you are an apparel line or clothing store, you could ask your customers to take and share a photo of themselves wearing their favorite garment or accessory. After they post, we could automatically enter them for a chance to win free product or a gift card.
  • If you are a beauty/hair salon, you could ask your customers to post a photo of themselves looking beautiful with their new style. After they post, we could automatically deliver them a coupon for their next visit or enter them for a chance to win free product.
  • If you are an entertainment venue or event promoter, you could ask your patrons to take a photo of themselves enjoying the entertainment or the event. After they post, we could automatically deliver them a discount for event merchandise or enter them for a chance to win tickets or VIP passes.

Don???t worry if you don???t fit into any of these categories??? we can create an amazing campaign for just about any business!

Can I change my campaign ongoing?

Absolutely! However, if you want to change your campaign graphics, there will be additional charges that apply.

Can my campaign benefit a charity?

Absolutely! We make it super easy for you to add a giving component to your campaign. We suggest setting a giving budget (you set the maximum) and offer to match every photo posted with a donation to a specific charity. For example, you could say that you will donate $2 to a local homeless shelter (up to $1000) for every photo posted in support of your campaign. Not only will this help to incentivize people to post and share, it will also help to establish goodwill and create a greater sense brand loyalty.

How long will it take to create my campaign?

Well, that depends on a few things, but typically we can have a campaign ready to go live within 5 - 7 business days (sometimes sooner). This includes a custom campaign page with a photo challenge and 3 - 5 photo overlays. We will also design a campaign poster and campaign graphics for you to print or use for promoting your campaign on social media. In addition to campaign graphics, we suggest that you create a short (15 ??? 60sec.) campaign video, which is totally optional. This can be something as simple as you using your mobile phone to film yourself, your business, or your employees/customers, and asking people to participate in your campaign. The goal should be to make your campaign as fun as possible and encourage people to take and share photos. You can also tell people about any prizes or rewards that you may want to offer for their participation.

Do people need to download the app?

No. Your campaign is built as a progressive web app, which means it will work on any device (smartphone, tablet and computer), without the need for downloading an app from the App Store or Google Play. However, if you want, we can also make your campaign accessible from the Fotition mobile apps.

How do I let people know about my campaign?

You will get a unique link to your own custom campaign page, which you can share on your social pages and send to people via email, text, bike messenger, or carrier pigeon. You will also get a set of digital and printable graphics to use for promoting your campaign, both inside and outside of your business.

How do I get people to participate?

To start, we want you to have fun with your campaign! Because if there???s one thing we know, it???s that people (your customers) like to participate in things that are FUN! We would also recommend rewarding people for posting and sharing photos. Rewards could be free products or services or just great discounts. You could also run a photo contest and offer prizes for the best photos. After all, people love to win stuff!

We???ll even come up with a set of ideas (unique to your business) for promoting your campaign. We???ll send this together with your FREE campaign mock-up. That way you can get a good idea for just how much people are going to love your campaign.

How do people post and share photos for my campaign?

It???s easy! You just send people to your campaign page, where they can quickly and easily take or upload a photo and add a custom (branded) overlay before posting their photo to the campaign gallery and sharing to their social pages, with a simple click. People can access your campaign on their computer or using their mobile phone or tablet ??? no need to download an app.

How long will my campaign run?

Your campaign can run as long as you want. You can also set a time limit for a campaign and then unveil a new campaign with a new theme and new graphics, once the first campaign has ended.

How long will my campaign run?

Your campaign can run as long as you want. You can also change your campaign as you go by introducing new photo challenges and/or adding new overlays.

Can I run multiple campaigns at the same time?

Absolutely! However, each individual campaign would be billed monthly.

Can I add my campaign to my company website?

Yes! We offer a set of customizable web widgets, which you can use to add your campaign to your existing website. We can also build you a custom microsite, which can be skinned with your images and branding and be linked to a domain of your choice.

Have a question that we didn???t answer?

No problem, just email your question to and we???ll get right back to you.